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Wasaga Beach, ON
(705) 422-0020
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Cataract Exam & Treatment

Cataracts are the leading cause of treatable vision loss in Canada.

Cataracts Form as We Age

As we age, the eye’s lens begins to change. Cataracts form in most people by the time they reach age 60. In fact, more than 2.5 million Canadians have cataracts.

There is currently no definitive reason the medical community can determine why the lens changes as we age, only that it does.

Known risk factors include:

  • Medical conditions, such as diabetes
  • Prior injury to the eye
  • Extended usage of corticosteroid medications
  • Family history
  • UV radiation (from sunlight and other sources)
  • Blurry vision (like looking through a shower curtain)
  • Faded colours, or inability to distinguish colours
  • Glare from light sources, especially at night
  • Hazy, cloudy vision

There are several types of cataracts, including:

  • Subcapsular Cataract – Occurs at the back of the lens. People with diabetes or using steroidal medications are at greater risk to develop these.
  • Nuclear Cataract – Forms in the nucleus of the lens. In some cases, a nuclear cataract can cause “second sight”, where your visual acuity is temporarily increased. This effect wears off as the cataract develops.
  • Cortical Cataract – Occurs in the lens cortex (the tissue surrounding the central nucleus). Opaque white flecks begin to form around the centre of the lens (similar to the spokes on a wheel).

While many people assume that poor vision is an inevitable part of ageing, vision loss due to cataracts can be restored to very good acuity (between 20/20 and 20/40) with a routine and safe surgical procedure.

Cataract surgery is the most popular surgery performed in North America and is long-term successful in over 90% of cases.

The first step is a comprehensive eye exam to determine the type and development of your cataracts. Assuming your surgical viability, we will then refer you to an Ophthalmologist.

The Ophthalmologist will remove your clouded lenses and replace them with a clear intraocular lens (IOL) made of plastic. The IOL mimics the function of the original lens and is very successful in restoring vision quality.

The surgery is relatively painless, with mild postoperative discomfort for a couple of weeks.

What You'll Find at Georgian Bay Optometry Clinic

Many people still think that they need to commute to Barrie or the GTA to get the eye care they need. Our clinic - located in Wasaga Beach - has the equipment and staff needed to conduct comprehensive eye exams, specialized diagnostic testing, dress eyewear and sunglass styling and fitting, contact lens fittings, and more. Visit us in-store to see what we can do for you.

Our Optometrists are local to the Wasaga Beach area and are raising their own families here. Many eye diseases are best treated when caught and addressed early. For this reason, we stress the importance of preventative eye care for all family members.

At NTOC we have advanced imaging equipment called the Cirrus HD-OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography). The OCT not only takes pictures of the eye, it can also take direct cross-sectional images of the retina and optic nerve thereby screening for eye disease such as macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, and glaucoma. It is a very useful tool for early diagnosis and management of eye disease.
Click here to learn more about OCT Imaging


Eyewear Boutique

Looking for a new pair of designer frames, some prescription or non-prescription sunglasses, or to fill your contact lens prescription? Our eyewear boutique offers the latest fashionable eyewear as well as a diverse selection of contact lenses.

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Georgian Bay Optometry Clinic

We are on the corner of Mosley St and 22nd St N. Our clinic is completely wheelchair accessible.


1026 Mosley St
Wasaga Beach, ON L9Z 2G7

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