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Reading In Bed? Put Your Phone Away & Stick to a Book, Instead

Our phones are becoming increasingly more important in our daily lives. In fact, the pervasive use of smartphones is one of the factors responsible for Canada’s increasing rate of digital eye strain. A bad habit that many Canadians fall into is taking their phone with them to bed. Sure, most…

Published: 2017-03-09Read Article
Signs That You May Have Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is a pain. It’s not normally a dangerous or severe condition, but even mild dry eye will be uncomfortable and interfere with your day. It’s not uncommon for people to dismiss the signs of dry eye syndrome, since they are generally mild and expected to be temporary.…

Published: 2016-12-01Read Article
Computer Glasses Can Help Your Eyes!

Statistically, Just About Everyone Should Have a Pair of Computer Glasses. Yes, Even You! Digital eye strain is a relatively new eye condition that has developed due to our love of the digital display. Whether it’s an LCD screen, an OLED screen on a smartphone, or an old-school CRT television,…

Published: 2016-11-03Read Article
Alleviating Symptoms of Seasonal Eye Allergies

We’re getting into prime allergy season, so we thought we’d drop a little primer on how you can alleviate your eye allergy (allergic conjunctivitis) symptoms. In this article we’re going to discuss things that you can do at home, as well as what we can do working together. Remember, we’re…

Published: 2016-06-16Read Article
Dry Eye

Dry eye is characterized by the bodies inability to make sufficient tears to keep the front of the eye (the cornea) properly lubricated or is due to faster than normal evaporation of the tears film from the eye. It can be caused by a variety of different factors and it…

Published: 2016-03-15Read Article