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The Sun is a Lot More Fun When You’re Wearing a Great Pair of Sunglasses

Unless you’re into using the hand-visor, there’s no replacement for a great pair of sunglasses. When you’re soaking some rays in on the beach or making the drive to the GTA, you’ll love the comfort a pair of sunglasses from Georgian Bay Optometry will give you.

We stock:

  • Trendy sunglasses that define your summer style
  • Comfortable frames that make you forget you’re wearing anything at all
  • Polarized lenses that make the water look fantastic (seriously, try it out!)

Find What You Are Looking For in Our Sunglass Cove

We are proud to be Wasaga Beach’s exclusive Sunglass Cove botique, Canada’s leading Optometrist-owned retailer.

Try Them On In Store!

Visit us right next to Grandma’s Beach Treats!

  • Great sunglass selection
  • Prescription and non-prescription sunglasses available

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Kate Spade
Kate Spade New York has over 140 retail shops and outlet stores across the united states, and more than 175 shops internationally. Our colorful products are sold in more than 450 stores worldwide, in every time zone and on every continent. Whether in San Francisco, Sao Paulo or Shanghai, our shops are always warm and inviting.
Maui Jim
Maui Jim is the fastest growing maker of premium polarized sunglasses and prescription sunglasses in the world! It all began in Lahaina, Hawaii, with a need for sunglasses that could eliminate the harsh Hawaiian glare without distorting the colors of the island scenery.
MODO is dedicated to consistently designing eyewear that blends effortless minimalism with harmonious functionality. Their creative inspiration is found in the cities MODO resides in: New York, Milano, and Stockholm. Inventive technology and colorful designs achieve a highly unique collection of beautiful frames.
Our story says it all. Polaroid has been a trusted global brand for more than 75 years and is best known for pioneering instant photography since Edwin Land first conceived of the instant camera in 1943. We embrace the nostalgia inherent in our past, allowing us to embrace old technologies through new technologies and beyond.
Ray Ban
From the vintage classics to the present-day trendy frames, Ray Ban has always been durable, comfortable and attractive.   From celebrities to your friends, Ray Ban is always a favorite.
Salvatore Ferragamo
An italian brand with it’s reputation stemming from creating beautiful hollywood boots in the 20’s, to now encompassing a wide array of accessories.  Their eyewear collections boast sleek trendy styles, while maintaining their Italian fashion heritage.