Specialty Services

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Our Specialty Services

We serve our patients beyond maintenance eye exams & prescriptions with these specialty services. These services are designed to cater to the unique needs of our patients and their vision.

Eye Disease Diagnosis & Management

Cataracts, conjunctivitis, diabetes and glaucoma are all manageable conditions than many Canadians live with. However, most eye disease symptoms develop so subtly that early detection is only available through your Optometrist. Visit us for information on detecting and managing eye disease.

Learn more about Eye Disease Diagnosis & Management

Emergency Eye Care

An eye emergency is defined by any circumstance in which your eyes/vision faces immediate danger. These could include chemical exposure, impact from a blunt object or corneal scratches. If you are in need of emergency eye care, it is imperative that you get help immediately. We offer this assistance for any situation outside of those that would require surgery.

Learn more about Emergency Eye Care

Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain has become a common affliction due to our societies widespread use of electronic devices like cell phones and computers. Symptoms can include headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, and more. However, digital eye strain is manageable with the correct implementations.

Learn more about Digital Eye Strain

Dry Eye Therapy

Many people suffer from dry eye, and some don’t realize that there is relief available in the form of a variety of medications and therapies. If you suffer from symptoms of dry eye such as itchy, burning or fatigued sensations, you may be part of 30% of Canadians living with this condition.

Learn more about Dry Eye Therapy

Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

Laser eye surgery is a viable option for most but not all. If you need vision correction but want to stop wearing glasses and contact lenses, book an appointment with us for a laser refractive eye surgery consultation to discover whether you may be a candidate for this exciting treatment.

Learn more about Laser Eye Surgery Consultations

Eye Wellness & Nutrition

Your eyes are inherent to your overall health, and are just as impacted by your nutritional intake as the rest of your body. Eating the right foods can aid in your ocular health and can help to prevent and manage eye disease. We are confident in our ability to help patients discover the right nutritional values for their eye optimal wellness.

Learn more about Eye Wellness & Nutrition

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